Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering

Degree offered

Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Engineering) 
Abbreviation: Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)

Program description

The PhD (Computer Engineering) program focuses on applied research with the aim of producing highly equipped researchers with adequate skills that enable them to contribute to the development and innovation required by our society both industry and academia, nationally as well as abroad. Scientific creativity and research skills are the major drivers of the program.

Application process

For application process and requirements, please see more details at

Total credit hours

Total of 48 credit hours are required for the PhD (Computer Engineering) program. The expected time to completion is 3 years.


The PhD (Computer Engineering) program only offers a full-time study with the tuition rate of 35,000 per semester.

Potential careers 

Examples of potential careers include:
     - Computer engineer
     - Researcher
     - Educator
     - System design engineer
     - Senior computer programmer
     - Project organizer 
     - Data scientist
     - Network architect
     - Database developer
     - Senior technical analyst